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  Water Conservation

“The Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers aid in helping sprinkler systems perform more efficiently by keeping the sprinkler heads in place as designed.”
        -Brent Mecham, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District

  Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers assist in preventing an edger from spinning or breaking a sprinkler head. This inhibits water loss by keeping water flowing in its originally designated pattern, as well as helping to eliminate geysers that erupt from broken sprinklers.

One of the most common problems affecting water use is broken sprinklers. Sprinklers are often hit during routine landscape maintenance. When sprinkler heads are hit, they can eventually rotate or break. Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers help to prevent sprinklers from being hit. This conserves water in two ways:

  • Sprinkler geysers that often erupt in the middle of the night will be less common, and water will be saved.
  • Damage to the sprinkler head will not happen as often, so sprinkler head rotation will be less likely. When your sprinklers come on, water will spray onto your lawn, instead of onto the sidewalk or cement where it is wasted.

Sprinkler Spacers also prevent the grass behind the sprinkler from dying. Sprinklers can be installed up to eight inches away from the sidewalk or other permanent barriers. When a sprinkler is installed too far away from the permanent barrier, a dead patch of grass is left behind the sprinkler where the water does not reach. The Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers hold your sprinkler in place approximately 1-2 inches from the concrete

For more information on The Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers and the many ways they can be used, download our Benefits Brochure.


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